Intellectual Property Disputes

Legal Dispute Resolution

A design, invention or written word can have significant value to the individual who created it.

You can protect intellectual property rights by registering them where appropriate.

Where a third party breaches an intellectual property right, it may be necessary to apply to court for an injunction to prevent further breach and to obtain damages for losses incurred.

An injunction may also be necessary if another business is passing off (trading under a similar name or guise to obtain the benefit of the goodwill of an existing business)whether by inferring an association or confusing a customer to think they are one and the same.

We also act for those who have unwittingly or otherwise breached another party’s rights, to negotiate amicable and cost effective settlements. If you are unsure on whether you are likely to infringe another party’s rights, you should contact our Corporate & Commercial team and get advice in advance.

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