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In our experience, employers often become exposed to Employment Tribunal claims because the relevant managers do not have the skills and training to handle employment issues.

Likewise, employers often face significant compensation claims where one employee has harassed another. With the right training, employers can minimise exposure to employment claims.  

At KBL we deliver employment law training sessions delivered by qualified solicitors with the expertise and ‘real’ experience of running and winning Employment Tribunal Claims. We offer training in-house or alternatively, we have facilities to offer training at our offices. Sessions will be geared to the size of your business and can be one off sessions or continuous.    

Our continuous employment training option enables an employer to receive ongoing access to essential employment training for a fixed fee retainer. We will work with you to incorporate our training materials into your internal induction and training procedures.

Our training covers a wide range of employment issues, such as:

  • Managers - How to conduct a fair disciplinary and grievance procedure
  • Managers - 10 things a Manager should know about Employment Law
  • Managers - Employment Tribunals - learn from other peoples mistakes.
  • Managers - Managing Sickness Absences and Handling Disability Issues
  • Managers - Equality, Diversity and Anti-Harassment - running the statutory defence.
  • All Staff - Equality, Diversity Respect and Anti-Harassment
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