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All employers (irrespective of size) are required to follow minimum procedures in relation to grievance and disciplinary procedures. A failure to do so could result in costly Tribunal claims. A failure to follow the ACAS code of practice alone could result in a business having to pay up to an extra 25% by way of compensation. 

We can help to ensure that your business is following the most up to date and correct disaplinary procedures. We are also able to prepare a wide range of additional policies and procedures to help your business to manage its employees and associated risks.

The policies and procedures we provide are clear and straightforward. They will enable you to inform your employees of the rules, standards, policies and procedures relevant to your business. 

We can provide on request a full list of the documents required (individually or within a complete and bespoke Employee Handbook).

Equal Opportunities and Dignity at Work Policies are vital if an employer is to have any prospect of defending harassment claims. See Harassment for more information.

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