Club Premises & Certificates

Licensing Law

Club premises certificates will be granted to premises occupied by and used habitually for the purposes of a recognised club.

Clubs must meet a set of criteria if they are to qualify as a club in this context:

  • There must be an interval of two days between a member's application/nomination and their admission
  • Clubs must have a minimum of 25 members
  • Clubs must be established and conducted in good faith as a club (in matters such as the accounts of the club and the frameworks and procedures in place)

Club premises must meet certain standards if they are to be granted a premise licence:

  • The only alcohol supplied at the club is that served by the club itself
  • The purchase of alcohol for the club is managed by a committee, consisting of members of the club who are over 18 years of age and have been elected to the committee by members of the club no individual directly benefits, at the expense of the club, from the supply of alcohol to members and visitors. The club as a whole may benefit in financial or non-financial terms
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