Temporary Event Notices

Licensing Law

Temporary Event Notices allow licensable activities to take place during a period of less than 96 hours, where there are no more than 499 people present.

The individual responsible for the event must inform the licensing authority of their proposal at least ten days before the event but we encourage applicants to allow as much time as possible between the date their notice is given to us and the date of the proposed event.

This notification is known as the Temporary Event Notice. The applicant must pay a fee (to be set by Government), and send a copy of the notice to the Chief Officer of Police. Licensable activities will then normally be permitted, where:

  • The individual is 18 years old or more
  • The premise has not submitted a Temporary Event Notice for a period ending less than 24 hours before the beginning of the new event

The licensing authority will acknowledge the receipt of the temporary event notice to the licensee. Personal licence holders may make up to 50 applications per year.

Non-licence holders may make up to five applications per year. No premises may be used more than 12 times, or for more than 15 days in total, per year.

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