Settlement Agreements

A settlement agreement is a legal document recording the terms of settlement between an employer and its employee.

Employers often require an employee to enter into a settlement agreement where compensation or severance monies are to be paid, arising out of a dispute or redundancy. As a matter of law, an employee must have independent legal advice on the terms and effect of a settlement agreement.

Usually, the employer offers a contribution towards the employee’s legal fees of obtaining advice on the settlement agreement.

We will advise you on whether the “settlement offer” appears reasonable and where appropriate seek improved compensation and settlement terms.

Our Fees

An employer will usually contribute towards the costs of you seeking advice. Provided this contribution is reasonable and the agreement does not require amendment the employer’s contribution is usually sufficient to cover our fees.

Do we have to meet?

Sometimes it will not be necessary for us to meet although we must always obtain proof of your identity. We are able to provide our advice over the telephone, letter and email. Where it is more convenient or otherwise appropriate we can arrange a face-to-face meeting.

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